Why Run for a School Board Position?

In Minnesota, the decisions that impact students and families the most are made at the district level. Serving on your local school board can be one of the most effective ways to ensure that K-12 schools are focused on academic achievement, equal treatment and opportunities for all students, and parent partnership.

The Power of Local Influence

As a school board member, you can create a significant difference at the local level. You’ll contribute to essential discussions about school budgeting, curriculum, personnel, school infrastructure, and more. Your voice can help ensure that schools in Minnesota provide quality education that every child deserves. It’s a chance to lead on issues that you’re passionate about and make a lasting impact on the community.

What Does It Take?

As a school board member, you’ll be required to attend regular board meetings, participate in committee work, and invest time in understanding the current issues affecting your school district. You should be prepared to listen to the community, weigh differing opinions, and make informed decisions for the best interest of the students and the community at large. You do not need prior experience in education to run for the school board, just an open mind, a desire to learn, and a commitment to improving education.

How we help

Running for school board can be a daunting task for people without prior campaigning experience. We provide the high-quality information, professional training, mentorship and support you need to execute a winsome and effective local level campaign. We ensure that every parent or community member who is aligned with our mission of refocusing schools on their primary mission of educating students has the tools and support they need to win.

And our support continues beyond election day. Minnesota Parents Alliance facilitates training opportunities and networking for elected school board members to navigate the realities and challenges of serving at the district level. We are committed to providing every parent-centered board member with the information and encouragement they need to serve their constituents effectively.

If you are interested in running for your school board, contact us today! We can help!

Run for School Board

Run for School Board

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