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Legal Guidance on Public Comment

Minnesota PELSB Teacher License Changes


Requesting Information From Your School
For Teachers

What Do The PESLB Licensure Changes Mean For Me?


Minnesota Parents Alliance Educators Cohort – Contact us at [email protected] to connect with our growing network of educators across the state who are advocates for achievement-focused policy and curriculum, student and teacher safety and protections and building trust and improving student outcomes through strong parent-teacher partnership.

Terra Firma – A Support Network For Teachers (Educational Liberty Alliance)

Union Exit Toolkit (For Kids and Country)

Educated Teachers Minnesota

Christian Educators – A professional association of educators supporting and connecting Christians working in schools by helping staff serve as thriving ambassadors for Christ in the education system through their AWAKE experiences and teacher-led prayer groups, as well as through offering liabilities protection coverage as an alternative to state run teachers unions.

FAIR In Education – The Educators Alliance is a supportive group of teachers from across the country who meet to share resources and strategies for teaching in schools that embrace race-essentialism and other illiberal orthodoxies. To join
the Educators Alliance, please reach out to [email protected]

Americans For Fair Treatment – a national nonprofit organization that educates public employees about their rights in a unionized workplace and connects these employees with all available resources to defend those rights. AFT offers a free membership program, networking opportunities, and professional development scholarships to support qualifying public employees.

Minnesota Parents Alliance In The Media

News Articles

Book about gender transition available to kindergartners in Minnesota school district

Education Leader: Parents can’t ‘unsee, unhear’ what’s going on in schools

Harding High School filled with ‘one-sided ideological displays’

Curriculum used in Minneapolis schools teaches kindergartners about ‘gender identity’

‘Social engineering of our kids’ topic of panel discussion in Bloomington

2022 saw ‘red wave’ school board elections

Parents groups win big despite Republican losses

Anti-CRT candidates flip 100 school board seats across US despite mixed results, PAC claims

Parents, experts see ‘red undercurrent’ from midterms in school board races: ‘Parents are fired up’

Eric Swalwell laments it’s ‘so stupid’ for parents to control their kids’ education

Burnsville district apologizes for ‘confusion’ surrounding new policy but concerns remain

Experts: Burnsville district can now conceal students’ gender identity from parents

Conservative ‘Minnesota Parents Alliance’ Claims Victory In 49 Races

Minnesota school district voters approve most spending measures, elect board members

Social issues bring wave of conservative candidates to MN school board races

Election Analysis: MN school board races saw lots of conservative candidates. How did they do?

The School Board Election Revolt Continues – Wall Street Journal

Parent-backed school board candidates pick up nearly 50 seats

A Ray Of Hope

A Growing Force: Conservatives Aim To Shake Up Nation’s School Boards On Election Day

Muslim-Americans find common ground with conservatives over polarization of America’s schools

The Battle Over The Schools Heats Up

Culture war issues drive debate in some hotly contested Minnesota school board races

Somali parents join movement against left-wing indoctrination in schools

GA school worksheet characterizes ‘hypothetical’ abortion ban as ‘abuse of power’, prompts parental pushback

Parents behind popular social media accounts chat about exposing school controversies

Parents Seek to Reclaim Education One School Board Seat At A Time

Teachers union agreement stipulating White teachers be laid off first criticized: ‘Constitutionally suspect’

Minnesota-based parental rights group launches effort to train, support school board candidates

Podcasts and Radio

Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom

Education America

3/18/23 Episode 355: Social Emotional Learning; What’s Behind The Curtain

3/11/23 Episode 354: MN Schools Go WOKE

10/1/22 Episode 331: Minnesota Parents Alliance

4/23/22 Episode 308: Minnesota Parents Alliance – Interview with Cristine Trooien

The Jack Tomzcak Show

6/3/23 – Hr 2 Members of The Minnesota Parents Alliance

Liz Collins Reports

Episode 59: Education Leader: Parents can’t ‘unsee, unhear’ what’s going on in schools


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