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Parent Led,
Parent Powered

Parents aren't the problem, parents are the solution!

Minnesota's K-12 education system is at a crossroads. Test scores and proficiency rates in basic skills like math and reading are plummeting. Activism at the expense of academics and student safety is destroying our previously high-quality public schools. But this doesn't need to be our future.

We believe that well-informed, engaged, invested and organized parents are the key to changing the current trajectory of K-12 education and creating a brighter future for Minnesota students.

Minnesota Parents Alliance exists to ensure that every parent who wants to be part of the solution by getting involved in their child's education and their local school community has every resource they need to do so successfully and that their engagement is an inspiration to others.

We connect parents across the state with one another by hosting a variety of educational events and online forums, as well as with individuals and organizations that can provide additional support. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently channel the momentum of the parent movement into positive and lasting changes for education in Minnesota.

Our strategy is focused on the 3 R's:

  • Reignite parents' interest and desire to become active participants in their child's education and their local school community.
  • Rebuild trust between parents and teachers and create solid parent-teacher partnerships that are essential optimal student outcomes.
  • Return Minnesota's K-12 system to one of the best in the nation.

We advocate for:

High expectations - we believe every student, regardless of their race, gender, beliefs or background is capable of meeting high standards for achievement and conduct and deserves the confidence and support of the adults in their life to reach their full potential.

Transparency and accountability - educators and decision makers must be willing to partner with parents openly and honestly to ensure the process and results are aligned with the shared value and common goal of closing the achievement gap and preparing students for post-secondary success.

Targeting policies, not people - we are training a new generation of local leaders who are focused on improving student outcomes and affecting positive change through respectful, strategic and purposeful engagement.

At Minnesota Parents Alliance we envision a future in which all students are given an opportunity and environment to thrive through strong parent-teacher partnerships and focused, principled leadership. We are uniting thousands of parents, teachers, district leaders, legislators and community members across the state in this shared vision of hope for the future of K-12 education in Minnesota.

Join us to be part of the solution to raise achievement, create standards of excellence, and advocate for educational policies that ensure every student can unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.



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