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2023Voter Guide

Minnesota Parents Alliance identifies and endorses school board candidates across the state who are aligned with our mission of prioritizing academic achievement, equality and parental rights in their school district. The candidates listed below are ready to stand up for students and parents and deserve your support.

Candidates are endorsed based on MPA's research of their platform and campaign, as well as input we receive from engaged, informed parents in each community. We identify the strongest candidates in each district who can be trusted to prioritize achievement, equal treatment for all students, parental involvement, safety, transparency and accountability.

All candidates featured in the Voter Guide are given the option to have the "Pro-Human Pledge" designation in their profile to indicate that they are aligned with and supportive of the FAIR Pro-Human Pledge. This is not an endorsement by FAIR, but rather a way for candidates to further emphasize their stance on fair and equal treatment of ALL students.

If you are interested in becoming a candidate for school board or you are a candidate who is interested in being featured in our Voter Guide, contact us today!

School District


Pro-Human Badge

Valentina Eyres

Wayzata School District 284
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Valentina Eyres

I decided to run for school board because I believe that: * We need to rebuild trust between parents, teachers, and the school administration in order to regain the students who left the school system during the COVID emergency. * Each student is an individual, not just a member of a group. * Students should be taught how to think, not what to think. * Parents are responsible for their children’s moral and social development. * We need to focus on reading proficiency, so all students start "reading to learn” by 3 rd grade. *We need to ensure that technology serves education rather than the reverse.
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